Andy Miles




Andy Miles studied classical clarinet in Bremen and Hanover, finally with Prof. H. Pallushek. In 1991 he was one of the youngest clarinetists in Germany to be a principal clarinetist, in the Hamburger Philharmoniker. Later he came to Cologne as principal clarinetist of the WDR Radio Orchestra.

Andy Miles is dedicated to chamber music and plays many solo performances as well. He is a sought-after teacher and plays concerts throughout the world.

Time and again he breaks musical boundaries and builds musical bridges. His "wild" past as a Saxophonist in Rockbands, as a Tinwhistlespieler in Folkbands, as a Clarinetist in various Jazzbands and, last not least as the Soloclarinetist of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg and Soloclarinetist of the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne, allows him to move effortlessly through different music genres.


The press gave him the title: "Marco Polo of the clarinet" - a type of a new generation.



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Argus Capetown



The glowing sound of his clarinet simply warms the soul...



Ruhr Nachrichten



First-class and stirringly played! Tonally and technically, this soloist effortlessly masters his instrument...



Süddeutsche Zeitung



The rare beauty of tone of his clarinet – shining and caressing, electrifying and inspiring – is representative of his exceptional inspiration...






Especially the clarinettist Andy Miles, who began with clever arrangements of Baroque works by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Antonio Vivaldi and then went on to Rolf Kühn's Interchange and Artie Shaw's clarinet concerto, outdoing himself, exceeding each highpoint with the next...






Andy Miles enchants with his immaculate intonation, virtuoso technique and grandiosely cultured piano dynamics...



Süddeutsche Zeitung



The brillant sound of his clarinet is an inspiration...



Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



Andy Miles stopped the time for a moment. The audience holds its breath before the soloist was showered with ovations...



Schwäbische Zeitung



Andy Miles presents a virtuoso mix of classical clarinet with jazz and a touch of klezmer. Vivaldi's Adagio – a conversation between Adik Abdourachmanov's flute and Andy Miles's clarinet – was an impressive demonstration of musicality, but also of the possibilities of modern adaptations of old music. Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach's Solfegietto demonstrated clarinettist Andy Miles' breakneck virtuosity...



Westfälisches Volksblatt



This "Drive" encouraged the full-blooded musician Andy Miles more and more to show his breakneck virtuosity - this soloist effortlessly masters his instrument...



Mindener Tageblatt



The audience was in euphoric emotion, who could resist this super soft Pianissimoculture?



Flensburger Tageszeitung



Any encounter with the clarinettist Andy Miles is an impressive experience. Miles, the magician of the clarinet: classical, rocking, jazzy, sometimes smoky and cool...



Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung



The musician, famous for his bridge building between classical and jazz music, returned to Duisburg for Jazz at the Philharmonic and was greeted in the Mercatorhalle with ovation after ovation...



Süddeutsche Zeitung



With closed eyes, he played the first movement of the Copland Concerto and enchanted the audience from the very first instant...



Kölner Stadtanzeiger



Miles laid his respect at the feet of Astor Piazzolla and Benny Goodman, with dream-like passages and a buttery approach...



FAZ Kultur



Lyrical, with an incredibly soft attack, and inspired expression, the clarinettist Andy Miles performed the solo part of Carl Maria von Weber's Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in f-minor. Here, too, it was clear – especially in the area of tone colour – that he was very well prepared. His encore reminded us that Miles is also at home with other musical styles: Somewhere form Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story, wonderfully arranged for solo clarinet...



Peking News



A first class musician! A master of his instrument!...



What people say


Kevin Schaffter, UNICEF



I'm a fellow clarinet player and I wanted to say you sounded fantastic in the nightclub 1960 video...  Thank you!






The beauty of Andy's playing is that it uses all the quality of the Würlitzer clarinets(projection,dark tone etc) and just sounds like any french system player. The same goes for George Pieterson former Solo clarinet of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam.
klarinetaa, on Youtube about Tribute Charlie Parker






Many people like to find errors in this video, but i think they wouldn´t play this as good as him..
jesuavr on Youtube about Artie Shaw clarinet concerto






Finally somebody who actually improvised something other than grace notes.
tech502  on Youtube about Artie Shaw clarinet concerto



Andrea Marcelli



Wow...Congratulations for your fantastic career and great successes!!! I wish you always the very best and I it was really an inspiring experience to work with you!






Love this!
infinityquintet on Youtube about Oblivion with Aurynquartet






By far the best video on herer of the Shaw concerto. People saying that the tone is wrong are nuts. This guy has taken the peice and made it not only fun, but sensical and musical.
AND he has the right instrumentation behind him for a Shaw tune!
Plus improvisation, you people that criticized him need to maybe try practicing instead of being a critic. I've been critical of some Shaw videos on here, but this is the best and deserves a little respect.
threejoneses on Youtube about Artie Shaw clarinet concerto






I've watched Benny Goodmann's tribute video and it's simply amazing! Congratulations for your work! I am a bass player and I've just begin to study jazz theory...hope in some years to be able to develop my music knowledge.
Sincerely, Thanos



Or Sidi



Hi! My name is Or Sidi and I am a 22 year old clarinet player, originally from Israel (where I studied with Eva Wasserman) but currently attending Arizona State University, where I am studying with Bob Spring, whom you probably know.
I am writing to you because I happened to see your recording of Piazzolla's "Oblivion" on YouTube, and it was so beautiful, that I felt like I just had to write something.
This was one of the most beautiful, soulful recordings I have ever heard. Your style of playing is exactly what I have always aspired to sound like and become as a professional musician. I have always said that my goal is to be able to play and perform pieces that are mixed with classical and jazz influences, such as the Copland Conerto for Clarinet, which is my favorite piece for clarinet, and in fact - what got me to Arizona on full scholarship.
When I think, hear or play Piazzolla pieces, the way I want to sound, or the way I would have liked it to be performed by others - is exactly how you played. This rarely happens to me since us, as clarinetists, tend to be quite judgemental of other clarinetists when they perform, but again - your "Oblivion" was simply breath taking to me.
You are really an amazing player, thank you for this.
Or Sidi.