The well Seasoned Clarinet



"The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi - a remake


The cycle of the four Seasons has always fascinated mankind...  » read more



Symphonic Latin & Tango



Latin and Tango - American Chronicles


The music of Latin America and Spain is rich of emotions, rhythm, melodies, art...  » read more



Symphonic Klezmer



Klezmer sound spectrum


The clarinet is as closely insolved in Klezmer as hardly any other instrument...  » read more



Film Music



From Mozart to Goodman


The clarinet is an integral part of film music...  » read more






The Shepherd on the Rock


Classical music is the basis, the foundation on which many musicians build...  » read more




Symphonic Jazz



Composition and Improvisation


Symphonic jazz is a wide and interesting musical field...

» read more



American Connection



Three new symphonic jazz clarinet concerts


Calandrelli. Freiberg. Beal. Three multi-awarded composers...

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Faust on Beats



Drama and music


Faust reinterpreted. For speaker, clarinet, cello and electronics. A sound sculpture ... » read more






The Clarinet Cello Project


Clarinet and Cello - An emotional and extraordinary interesting meeting...  » read more