Film Music

The clarinet is an integral part of film music. Many titles have now become classics, of which one no longer knows today from the film they originate ...

Andy Miles hat brought together some great songs, which are presented in a colourful program.

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Goodman / Prima

Tribute to Benny Goodman


music in the movies:

New York Stories
The Thin Man
The Jungle Book
    Mozart Adagio from the clarinet concerto KV 622
      film music in "Out of Africa"
    Rota The Godfather
       film music in "The Godfather"


      film music in "Oldboy"
    Gershwin I got fascinatin' rhythm
      film music in "Girl Crazy"
    Ellington I don't mean a thing
      film music in "Harlem Nights" and "Swing Kids"
    Arlen Stormy Weather

film music in "Stormy Weather"


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