Composition for movies and documentary

What's coming up...?

Very rhythmic track with lots of percussion with an archaic feel.

Winning the war and suffer

Blockbuster Sound. Big orchestra and choir. You can "see" the troops coming closer. When the cello with a beautiful melody comes in, you can feel the sadness which is coming up at the same time!

Happy And...

Starting with a cello quartet (Thank you Laura !!!) and a children choir. After this sound from heaven, the devil is already knocking on the door with a ostinato bass pattern


A frightening drum loop and a emotional cello melody.
I love it!

Beautiful Day

A easy listening pop-jazz instrumental with a sopranosax melody. Very positive feeling.

Fear one

An orchestral track full of tension.
Reminds on a "modern" Hitchcock.

Deep Sadness

Dark atmosphere with clarinet.

Happy Children

A song I wrote for a beloved kid.
Very emotional with soprano sax.


Dark atmosphere with cello melody.

Bach on Beat

Based on the Prelude of the Bach Suite in G ( I love this movement) on a heavy beat!

Whispering Night

Night, wind, thunder, whispers ...

Arabic life and beginning memories of war

Imagine a arabic marketplace, a muezzin in the background and upcoming memories of war...

Under Water

The title says it all.

Romance on the beach

A very positive "easy listening" song with mouth percussion and tenor sax with latin feel.


A dreamy song with soprano sax.

Beginning to see the light

This track starts with a strange detuned piano, followed by harp and strings with a oboe melody.