Faust on Beats

for strings, clarinet, cello and electronics

Music by Andy Miles



Music is much more than just an accessory



The Project


Folker Banik - speaker

Andy Miles - clarinet - saxophone - electronics

Laura Wiek - cello


A man has everything, knows everything, and yet still demands more. For more and more knowledge and experience that move him, provide him with new temptations. The devil shall make it. A pact is sealed, as a beautiful woman enters the stage...

Man, woman and devil, these three forces circle around each other, three texts spoken by a person, carried, accompanied and seduced by music. Music is much more than just an accessory: it reaches ahead, knows more than its protagonists, it comments and feels with it. A music that knows to handle with classic references and modern electro-beats. Cello, clarinet and filmmusical sounds are mixed together with speech into a very impressive sound art work, Faust on Beats, the great drama of German literature, presented in a rhetorical way according to today's music and listening habits.

Faust Beschwörung 01.mp3
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Faust Prolog im Himmel 01b.mp3
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Faust Vorspiel Theater 01b.mp3
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Faust Abend 02.mp3
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Faust Zueignung 03.mp3
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Faust Nacht 04.mp3
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The Concert

The live concert lasts nearly 90 minutes incl. break. The audience is by this magic performance in the spell of Dr. Faust and surely will not forget this evening!

Folker Banik is a popular actor in film and television productions ("Hotel Heidelberg" ARD, "Marie Brand and the last meal" Rosenheim Cops ", Wilsberg, crime scene ...). Furthermore, Folker Banik has numerous speaker parts in WDR and German radio.